Online insurance platform

Ukasko is an aggregator of insurance and travel insurance. On the platform the user has a wide range of insurance companies of Ukraine.

We have developed a large aggregator with wide functionality for the selection and purchase of insurance policy. The platform is integrated by API with insurance companies. Our main focus was to develop an intuitive and easy way for the user from the first visit to the payment of insurance. Lots of filters, features for comparison, reviews and ratings, special offers and other triggers that facilitate decision making.

We initiated the project by developing a comprehensive and intricate prototype. This crucial stage served as the foundation for the subsequent development process, as it allowed us to meticulously outline the platform's functionality and shape the user journey. By delving into the finest details, we ensured a thorough understanding of the platform's features and designed an intuitive user experience.

We placed special emphasis on developing the functionality of both the user's personal account and the partner's personal account. In the user's account, we implemented seamless integration with Bank ID, allowing users to automatically add their official data and facilitating a streamlined experience. Additionally, users can conveniently check the status and details of their insurance policy, as well as manage messenger reminders and other related tasks. Through these features, we aimed to enhance user convenience and provide a comprehensive platform for managing their personal information and insurance needs.

The adaptive version of the platform has been meticulously designed to ensure clear, accessible, and convenient navigation for users when working with documents. Our aim was to create an interface that seamlessly adapts to different devices, providing a user-friendly experience across various screen sizes. By prioritizing intuitive navigation, we ensure that users can effortlessly access and interact with documents, promoting efficiency and ease of use.

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