Mobile Aplication

Buying bus and train tickets has become faster and easier after analyzing the user experience and redesigning the interface.

My primary goal was to create a user-friendly and attractive interface that allows users to buy tickets in just a few clicks. So we started researching the user experience with the Tikit.online team. We also needed to find and implement the most popular features for users to come back to us again and again.

We conducted deep research to understand of the needs, preferences, and pain points of potential users. This included examining competitors' applications, conducting user interviews of potential buyers, and analyzing the behavior of existing users. The results of the study emphasized the importance of simplifying the process of buying tickets and adding new convenient functions.

Based on the user research findings, we developed a clickable prototype to visualize the app's functionality and flow. This allowed us to test and iterate on the user interface, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. We focused on creating a streamlined ticket purchasing process and integrating features like intuitive passenger addition, quick ticket share options, taxi to the station or or route in one click, instant ticket refund and others.

The process of finding tickets has now become simple and much more convenient. The user in one click can change the type of transport, direction of movement and choose the nearest date. In addition, the search now has hints of popular destinations, and also saves the latest search queries.

The search results screen has also become simpler and more convenient. In addition to changing direction, the user can easily change the date by swiping the calendar. Filters are convenient and optimized, the most popular of them are brought to quick access. Also, the user has quick access to information about the carrier and the conditions for returning tickets.

After selecting one or more seats, the user can easily add a passenger from the saved list. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to fill in the personal data of passengers every time, they are in quick access. In addition to saved passengers, you can select a contact from your contact book. Information about new passengers is stored automatically in the user account. Thus, you can fill out a cumbersome official ticket form in just a few clicks.

After paying for the ticket, the user can find them in his wallet. Also in the wallet automatically stored unpaid bookings. The most necessary functions are located in a noticeable and convenient place - this is a button for sending a ticket and opening a ticket in PDF format for printing. At the top of the ticket, you can easily find basic information about your journey and also open a QR code for scanning. In accordance with insights at the stage of interviews with users, we added the function of a taxi or route to the station in one click.

As a result, we have developed an application with a simplified interface that provides a better user experience, added convenient functions, based on research and interviews with users, and created a fresh and attractive visual design for the Tikit.online mobile application.

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