Laba LMS

Learning platform

I led the development of a new version of the product by thoroughly studying the existing user experience and implementing significant improvements.

Laba LMS 2.0 is a dynamic platform for online learning that aims to transform the way students and teachers engage with educational content. On this project, we worked closely with the development team, stakeholders, and users.

We began the project by delving deep into the existing Laba LMS platform and conducting user research. By engaging with students and teachers, we gained valuable insights into their pain points, preferences, and needs. This helped us understand what was working well and what needed improvement. We used this information to guide our design decisions and make the platform more user-friendly.

Building upon the insights gathered, we embarked on an intensive idea generation phase. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, we brainstormed innovative concepts and features to enrich the learning experience. Through rapid prototyping, we brought these ideas to life, visualizing the potential improvements and gathering early feedback from users and stakeholders.

To ensure the usability and effectiveness of our proposed enhancements, we conducted user testing of the prototypes and our visual design. By involving students and teachers in usability sessions, we gathered valuable feedback and identified areas for further refinement. This iterative process allowed us to validate our design choices and make informed adjustments to optimize the user experience.

We focused on improving the layout of the platform to make it more organized and visually appealing.

We carefully planned how users would move through the platform and made sure every interactive part worked well. We created a smooth and easy interface for all type of users to achieve their goals. Thanks to a flexible and intuitive interface, students were able to choose how to interact with educational content. Lesson recordings and live broadcasts, homework and tests, deadlines and schedules - now the whole learning process is adjusted in the best possible way. In addition, we have implemented gamification and progress tracking elements to make the learning process more exciting. So we increased student engagement.

We also developed our own design system that can grow with the platform and keep things consistent. Our design system helped us make everything look and work the same way. It gave us guidelines and styles to follow, making it easier to update and expand the platform in the future. By working out the user path and using our design system, we built a strong foundation for a platform that is user-friendly and can keep improving.

After completing the prototyping phase and conducting thorough testing, our focus shifted towards creating an adaptive version of the platform interface. Recognizing the importance of enabling students to learn anytime and anywhere, we dedicated ourselves to developing specific layouts for both mobile devices and tablets.

Special emphasis was placed on refining the mobile navigation, prioritizing speed and convenience. We understand the importance of quick access to course materials, discussions, assignments, and progress tracking on mobile devices, and have streamlined the interface accordingly.

By investing our efforts into creating adaptive version of interface, we empower learners to study on the go, whether they prefer the mobility of a smartphone or the larger screen of a tablet. Our adaptive interface cater to the unique characteristics of each device, allowing students to engage with educational content effortlessly, regardless of their location or the device at hand.

The functional designed for lecturers in Laba LMS is geared towards organizing and facilitating the educational process for their groups. With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, we have developed features that allow lecturers to seamlessly manage their classes, expedite homework evaluation, conduct broadcasts, and more. Our goal is to provide lecturers with a comprehensive set of tools that simplify their tasks and enhance their teaching experience.

In addition, Laba LMS includes a motivational system specifically designed for teachers. This system depends on the deadlines for checking students' homework, because lecturers also have deadlines for their tasks. This increases the efficiency of the learning process.

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